UBIR Wifi Admin Portal

Drive social engagement with the ability for Social Logins enabling mandatory check-in capability for Wifi use

Prevent network abuse by limiting bandwidth consumption

Push Marketing and promotional campaigns by steering customers to specific sites or material after login

Provide a family safe Wifi environment with website filtering and internet usage limits

Offer Free Guest Wifi with simple click-through authentication and mandatory terms of use acceptance, all from a customized splash page with data capture at sign-up

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Offer Your Customers a

Customized Wifi Experience 

Free Guest Wifi Service


Easy Click Through Authentication on customized Splash Page

  • Your customers just need to accept the terms and click on the Login button​​

  • Automatically redirect Customers to Guest Survey after login

Data Capture

  • Add fields that must be filled in by guests

  • Request or Require Email, Phone, etc.

  • All Data is available for remote processing through csv export, API, or use the UBIR Data engine.

Stop Network Abuse

  • Protect your Network by setting limits to Bandwidth as well as define traffic or time limits

  • Users can also be blacklisted giving you full control of your Network usage.



Promote your Business with your Guests Help and Integrate with Tripadvisor Review Express

Drive Social Engagement

  • Connect your business directly with social profiles. 

  • Anonymous guest become real people and you can access their profiles/real name/email/etc.

No Access Codes or Passwords Required

  • Allow guests to utilize Social Networking credentials to login to your wifi

  • Require "check-in" at your location before access is allowed to Network.

  • Ability for guests to share directly from the splash page.

Voucher and SMS Access


Same Benefits from Free Service with the addition of a Voucher based Access

  • Print or Export Vouchers

  • Print Voucher Codes on-demand

  • SMS Verification for Vouchers with Pay as you go purchases

Authorize Customer Wifi access via their Mobile Phone

  • Limit Access to wifi by allowing only customers with a valid phone number access.  

  • Numbers can be used to track people or used in an SMS advertising campaign

Add customers to your SMS campain Automatically



Provide a Family friendly Guest Wifi experience for your customers

Limit Internet Usage of kids by providing access codes.

  • Codes can limit duration or traffic consumed by children. 

  • Allow a a set amount of internet usage time per week with code expiration.

Child safe web filtering

  • Block access to adult websites, proxy servers, phishing sites and some malware.

Customer data capture and usage statistics


Learn how your Customers are using your Wifi and capture valuable customer data for use in future Marketing campaigns

Customer Data for Marketing

  • Collect customer information at sign up like Name, Email, Phone, Company, Address, or custom questions. 

  • Data available for remote processing through csv file export or API.


Usage Statistics

  • Check usage associated with specific code use.

  • Monitor kids activity like login/logout dates as well as traffic consumption.

Paid Wifi Service


Same Benefits from Free Service with the addition of a Pay-per-use Wifi Service option 

  • Set your own Pricing and Currency

Purchase Reporting

  • Follow Wifi Revenue in real time.  

  • Create purchase reports with charts broken down by date/period/location/type of payment.

  • Monthly Payout

  • Low Transaction Fees

Combine with Free Access

  • Offer Free Trial

  • Free access via SMS Text

  • Free Vouchers