Custom integration possibilities to existing POS, Accounting, Inventory, and Survey Systems

Operate with reduced staffs by enabling Order, Pay, and Guest Service Item requests to enhance their experience all from one interface on the guests own device

Enable your customers to Manage their experience at their own pace while minimizing contact between service staff and guests

Low cost of entry and affordable recurring fees with implementation in days not months

Our Patent Pending system will help recover lost revenue due to reduced capacity from social distancing with faster table turns

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The New Standard for Managing the Guest Experience at your Business

Patent Pending

Covid Safe Solution

Low-Contact Service Experience 

  • Enable restaurant customers to link directly to your Menu/Order/and Pay from within the UBIR Serve environment

  • Customers can also make service requests for anything that would enhance their experience. 

    • No longer do you have to wait for Server to stop by the table to take your order​

    • No longer do you have to flag down the Server to request condiments or more napkins

    • The Customer manages their own service experience at their own pace while minimizing face to face contact with service personnel. 

Improved efficiency for Customers and Staff

Reduced Wait times for customers

  • NO MORE WAITING on the server to come by your table in order to:

    • Receive a menu

    • Place an order

    • Request refills or condiments

    • Make any other request to enhance your guest experience.

    • Request a Check

    • Pay for the item

    • Receive change or sign receipt

  • Easily order another round or appetizer for the table without flagging down or waiting for servers next visit.

  • This system also enables direct two way communication between you and the service staff to ask/answer any questions related to your experience in real time.

Faster Service for customers

  • By enabling customers to manage every aspect of the experience on their phone at their own pace the food to table evolution can be dramatically reduced.

    • No delayed order entry due to server waiting for next available POS station

    • Instant Queuing of orders to kitchen allowing the kitchen to receive and prepare orders faster

    • Reduced table turns in general as the entire dining experience is streamlined

    • Allows for the service staff to have real time Macro-level visibility to guests at their assigned tables that are in need of something.

Pair UBIR Serve with other UBIR Products for a superior guest experience


UbirHost Grey with Blue.png

Paired with UBIR Host, Guests are provided a seamless transition from the enhanced Wait-list system directly into the UBIR Serve Platform 

UbirPos Grey.png

Paired with UBIR POS, Guests will have the ability to view the menu, order, and pay all from their own device

UbirSurvey Grey.png

Paired with UBIR Survey, Guests will be redirected automatically from the Host/Serve/POS experience to a customized Survey solution.

Low Cost Solution 

Low Cost of Entry and affordable recurring fees with implementation in days not months

  • No requirement to replace current POS system.  
  • Link directly to your existing Menu/Order/Pay E-commerce solution from within the Customers UBIR Serve experience on their own devices.
    • Need an E-Commerce Menu/Order/Pay solution?  Contact us to learn more about UBIR POS.​​​
  • The UBIR Serve Web Application platform simply requires a smart device with Web-Browser functionality and Camera capable of scanning a QR code.  This means any Tablet with a Web-Browser can be utilized for your Staff. 

Enable Management with Real-Time Analytics 

Track every aspect of the Guest Experience.  The below represent some of the possibilities for reporting capabilities with the UBIR Serve system:

  • Average time between when a table is cleaned and sanitized and the next guest places an order at the same table. 

  • Track server response times to service request items to identify low performers for training 

  • Track the time from when the customer actually places an order to delivery to table without the added time required for the Server to enter the order into POS.

  • Table Utilization 

Server Performance Statistics and Tracking

  • Utilize a standard ready to implement experience tailored to your brand or customize the look and feel of the system at an affordable additional cost​

Additional Customization and Integration possibilities with supporting systems

  • API integrations possible linking to supporting systems like Accounting, Inventory, Survey, and of course existing POS System.