Custom integration possibilities to existing POS, Accounting, Inventory, and Survey Systems

Operate with reduced staffs by enabling your guests to order and pay from their phones

Enable Dine-in, Carry-out,  Curb-side, or Grocery pickup

Low cost of entry and affordable recurring fees with implementation in days not months

Covid safe Social Distancing solution with Mobile Menu with Contactless Order and Pay

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Enable customers to buy your products and pay directly from their smartphone 

Covid Safe Solution

Non-Contact Menu, Order and Payment

  • Enable restaurant customers to access your menu from their phones

  • Customers can place orders and pay directly on their phones reducing need for server/staff contact

Enable Dine-in, Carry-out, Curb-side or Grocery sales

  • Quickly and efficiently enable multiple order modes for your restaurant or business reducing contact between staff and guests

Improved efficiency for Customers and Staff

Reduced Wait times for customers

  • No waiting on server to get to your table to receive a menu, place an order, or pay.

  • Receipts emailed after payment.

  • Easily order another round or appetizer for the table without flagging down or waiting for servers next visit

Faster Service for customers

  • By enabling customers to order and pay through their phone every step in the food to table process is reduced

    • No delayed order entry due to server waiting for next available POS station

    • Instant Queuing of orders to kitchen allowing the kitchen to receive and prepare orders faster

    • Reduced table turns in general as the entire dining experience is streamlined

Pair UBIR POS with other UBIR Products for a superior guest experience


UbirHost Grey with Blue.png

Paired with UBIR Host, Guests are provided a seamless method to view the menu or order and pay for To-go and Takeout orders.

UbirServe Grey.png

Paired with UBIR Serve, Guests will have the ability to view the menu, order, and pay all from their own device while managing all aspects of their experience.

UbirSurvey Grey.png

Paired with UBIR Survey, Guests will be redirected automatically from the Host/Serve/POS experience to a customized Survey solution.

Low Cost Solution 

Low Cost of Entry and affordable recurring fees with implementation in days not months

  • Integrated POS Solution
    • No hardware to buy or large up front fees to enable service for integrated POS systems

    • Orders are injected into your existing POS as a paid order​​

  • Non-Integrated POS Solution

    • Paid orders delivered to an in house printer or via email ​

Product, Equipment, and other Systems agnostic

Retail or Restaurant and Hospitality

  • The ordering process is tailored to support your Business model while enabling enhanced capabilities for your customers and staff

Customized customer experiences available

  • Utilize a standard ready to implement experience tailored to your brand or customize the look and feel of the system at an affordable additional cost​

Additional Customization and Integration possibilities with supporting systems

  • API integrations possible linking to supporting systems like Accounting, Inventory, Survey, and of course existing POS System.

NCR Silver and Silver Pro users

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