The UBIR Data engine can be configured to pull Guest Survey data or your sales data from your POS System and push to your database. 

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Once in your database the sales data can be combined with any number of other data sets to enable in depth reporting and analytics.

Some integrations already exist and are ready for use.  Contact us to see what it will take to get your data out of your vendors data warehouse and into your database.

Free up your Managers to analyze reports rather than spend time running excel or csv exports to try and combine data sets for in-depth analysis

Enable in-depth reporting and Analytics by integrating all of your customer and business data into a database you control

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Whats required and how does the UBIR Data engine work?

All that is required is a POS system with a robust API maintained by your existing POS vendor.​

From there the UBIR Data engine will pull sales data from your POS system and push the data into your database.  This data "Polling" will occur at predetermined intervals based on the intended use of the data and the capabilities of the POS Vendor API​

Some Integrations have already been built.  If we have not already integrated into your POS it doesn't mean that we can't.  Contact us to see what it might take to make this service a reality for your business using your POS System.

NCR Silver and Silver Pro users

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Why UBIR Data?


Most customer and product sales data within many POS Systems these days is housed within the vendors data warehouse.  

Most POS Systems offer basic reporting using your data or offer upgraded expensive bolt on tools to "Enhance" reporting.

Many POS Systems claim that you have unfettered access to Sales data.  The catch is you have to manually run excel or csv exports in some cases on a store by store basis.

We believe the real power of Analytics and reporting becomes possible when you look at the POS customer and sales data combined with as many other data sets you have access to. 

This allows for truly advanced analytics and reporting around all aspects of your business.