As Restaurants Re-open in a Covid-19 World

Operators and guests face new challenges

Go Live in days not Months!

Handle To-Go, Curb-Side or Dine-In

Works With Your Current POS System

Enable Grocery Sales of Your Items

We provide Solutions to address many of these areas!

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Your Guests Control the Dining Experience and Your Operations are Safer, Faster and Better

You Get a New Competitive Advantage

In some cases new requirements control HOW you can open

  • Daily Temperature checks of your employees

  • Tables Disinfected after each visit

  • Reduced capacity by 25-75% to allow for social distancing

  • Masks on Every Team Member

  • Disposable or sanitized menu after each use

  • Minimize personal contact between guests, servers, and cashiers

  • Eliminate Congregation areas for waiting, ordering, self-serve, and cashiers

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Our guest Wifi solution provides a better experience and valuable data, essential for guest marketing and growing return visits

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Enable your guests to Order from your menu directly from their phone

  • Increase table turns by 50% to recover lost capacity by eliminating the contact between server and customer to order and pay

  • Eliminate time at table waiting for server:

    • To take drink/appetizer orders

    • To return to place main food orders

    • To come by to place an order for another round of drinks or place a new appetizer order

    • To bring check after meal

    • To return to pick up payment method

    • To return with receipt​​

Our guest Survey solution gives your management team valuable insight into what your customers are really thinking about your business,  at an affordable price.

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Safe Menus and Minimal Personal Contacts

  • By ordering from their phone there is no need for paper menus. The mobile menu on your guest phone can be interactive and include great photos of your items.

    • Eliminate the cost of sanitizing or buying bulk disposable menus​

    • Improve order accuracy with no missed items or modifiers

    • Easy for guests to order extras or refills

    • Could even enable guests to request to speak to server or manager all from their personal smart phone.

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Eliminate Congestion Points and Self Service Items

  • Two way notifications allow your guests to wait in safety until their table is ready

  • If service or refills are needed, guests can simply hit a button on their phone to request support.  They could even tell you what is needed to eliminate an extra table trip.

Very Low Cost to Implement

Use Proven Technology to Meet the New Challenges Created by Codid-19

Provide a Safer Dining Experience for Your Staff and Your Guests

Reduced Capacity by 25-75% to provide for social distancing

  • To recover lost sales due to reduced seating capacity operators must get creative in how to continue serving their guests.

    • Take advantage of curb-side take out​

    • Take advantage of delivery, but remember these are your least profitable sales, if not a loss

    • Maximize table turns

    • Increase table turns in store by reducing the time customers must spend at the table waiting on something from someone on your team.

Present your menu in an attractive easy to use mobile experience

  • WORKS WITH YOUR CURRENT POS integrated or not

  • Can accompodate yout operational processes

  • Provides easy ordering, reordering and payment

  • Can utilize your existing POS printers

  • Can integrate to inject the paid orders into existing POS system.  NCR Silver/Pro already integrated

Allow guests to access your menu and service just by joining your Wifi

  • They just join YourNameMenu Wifi

  • Collect valuable guest information like name, phone number, email, etc to grow your marketing customer database

  • No requirement to search for or navigate to an order page, customers are redirected to menu immediately after sign in

Learn what your customers are really thinking and feeling about your business with a tailored Survey Solution

  • Enable your management team to make decisions based on what your customers are actually thinking and feeling about your business

  • Combine Survey data with other information like POS transaction sales data to enable deeper analytics and reporting