YOU can help your favorite restaurant survive. We help independent restaurants: No IT skills needed!

Independent restaurant operations do not have the skills and resources on staff to select and implement the new technologies REQUIRED to survive in the future. Our solutions are designed to work with any POS and any type of operation and enable your guests to use their own smartphone to manage their entire guest experience. Empower them to choose their COVID-19 comfort level from completely contactless to entirely manual and everything in between. We remove the risk and the complexity of the technology so that even a mom & pop restaurant can implement our solutions in a day. NO RISK! and NO UPFRONT COSTS for qualified* operations.

If you have a favorite, independent restaurant, help them find us. We have "scholarships" available to help them get started. Don't assume that they are doing ok. There are new hidden costs and severe seating reductions to comply with social distancing requirements. If they have or can enhance their operations with To-Go meals, we can help them with everything.

Please share this and help us find your favorite restaurant before it is too late.

Enable safe, efficient, contactless Wait List, To-Go, Curbside or Delivery. Capture data about the entire guest experience.

Enable a safer, faster, better customer experience for any dine-in operation. Works with any POS or even a cash register. All guest requests, orders and payments can be contactless.

No complicated logins, your customers are automatically routed to your custom survey site. More surveys directly connected to the specific guest experience.

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