Stop Wasting Your Servers!

If a shortage of servers is hurting your business, we can help. The existing restaurant service model has not changed in over 150 years. We must change the model to fix the problem. By accepting that a team is more effective than individuals you can implement true team service with the following results/

  • Double your servers capacity to serve tables.

  • Improve speed of service.

  • Eliminate the thing that has frustrated restaurant customers forever, WAITING!

  • Waiting for a server that is busy helping other customers to be greeted.

  • Waiting for the server to deliver menus or take their drink order.

  • Waiting for the server to return to take their order.

  • Waiting for the appetizer while the main course is being prepared.

  • Waiting for the food that has been prepared to be delivered to the table fresh.

  • Waiting to catch the server to tell them that they need condiments or more dressing.

  • Waiting for the server to go get it and deliver it to the table.

  • Waiting for the check so they can pay when they are ready to leave.

  • Eliminate the things that frustrate your servers and make them less efficient.

  • Being "over-seated" with too many customers in a short period of time.

  • Wasting table visits to find that customers are not ready.

  • Forgetting what was requested, simply because they are overwhelmed, creating another trip.

  • Getting hit with everything at once: new guests, food in window, table ready to order, bar order ready to deliver, table needs check, etc.

  • Losing tips because it is hard to be successful in that environment.

  • Generate these benefits

  • Faster table turns

  • Guests are happier

  • Servers make more money

  • Management has better visibility of operational performance

  • Management has complete visibility of the entire guest experience

  • Marketing has new, better information about the guest.

BOTTOM LINE: The restaurant makes more money.

GUARANTEED RESULTS: If you are not satisfied with the Operational Improvement after 30 days of use, you can cancel and get a full refund.

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