Finding Your Customers "Social Distancing" Comfort Zone.

Restaurants continue to get blamed for Covid-19 spread, even though there is little or no proof. Restaurants that are "doing it right" may be safer than other retail operations that receive no blame. I believe that preventing those people that desire and need the social interaction of restaurants from enjoying a well run safe operation only pushes them to a private home social gathering with NO social distancing or special sanitizing practices that are foundational in restaurants. Utilizing "Serve-Safe" training and practices promoted by the National Restaurant Association, restaurants were well prepared to add a few extra procedures to be Covid-19 safe.

The fact is, not all restaurant customers are comfortable with the extra precautions of social distancing and masks. Protecting your customers and your staff may require another level of technology for the time being, to eliminate face to face communication as much as possible and only approaching a table when absolutely necessary. We have developed a group of restaurant solutions that enable the entire experience to be safer and faster using contactless experience management on your customers device. From waitlist through payment, everything is communicated directly between your customers smartphone and your staff. Safer and more efficient, our solution may require no up-front investment and can be up and running in hours not weeks. Enabling true team service, or just enabling your servers to handle more tables with fewer trips, which improves service and the frustration of your customer waiting to catch a server. The solution allows your customers to choose their level of interaction. Perhaps the only visit to a table is to deliver something that the guest ordered or requested with no verbal communication required. Every request can be done through the smartphone.

It does not matter what POS system you use or even if you are on paper checks and a cash register. We can enable any sit-down operation to be safer and faster, maximizing the potential of each table and reduced staffing, while letting your customer decide how they want to interact. For To-Go operations we enable contactless Pick-Up and Curbside capabilities. No technical staff needed to implement our solutions. See if your restaurant qualifies for our limited time offer of HOST, SERVE and SURVEY for one low monthly price and use it for free to get through the winter.

Enable safe, efficient, contactless Wait List, To-Go, Curbside or Delivery. Capture data about the entire guest experience.

Enable a safer, faster, better customer experience for any dine-in operation. Works with any POS or even a cash register. All guest requests, orders and payments can be contactless.

No complicated logins, your customers are automatically routed to your custom survey site. More surveys directly connected to the specific guest experience.

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