Why Our Solution?

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Let us help free up space with a customized networking solution for your small office.

Industrial Components
Our Network Enclosures use Industrial components throughout. From the electrical terminals to the Power supplies and Switches themselves, our enclosures are built with Performance and Durability in mind. The network switches and power supplies are built to operate in extreme temperatures ranging from Subzero temperatures to 70 (C°) or 158 (F°). Our enclosures also feature Redundant Power supplies providing additional network protection in the event of a failure of a power supply.

Gigabit Network Switching
Our enclosures also feature Gigabit Network Switches offering Data switching capabilities that in most cases exceed available commercial network bandwidths from providers. This allows for growth as capabilities in both data processing power and available Network Bandwidths improve in the years to come. Allowing your team the capability to take advantage of and consider what edge current and future IOT (Internet of Things) may give your growing business.

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Smaller Footprint and Improved Organization 

Many of our clients fall into one of two categories when it comes to the design of the current or planned network for their location. The first category features SOHO (Small Office Home Office) network gear that is thrown together in many cases by the adventurous DIY’er. While these setups may technically function in the short run. The long term effects of a SOHO solution can become costly in both lost revenue in the event of a network failure and on-going support and or replacement costs when a component does fail. The second category revolves around an installed “Industry Standard” Network Rack of some kind. These racks themselves are costly and time consuming to assemble. The cost of the equipment meant to mount into these rack can also be staggering. Many businesses have a large rack installed in which only a small portion of the usable space or ports are being utilized. Even if the Rack installation was very professionally done, you are still left with an extremely large piece of equipment protruding in many cases over two feet from the wall. This consumes much of the usable wall space and in many cases creates a hazard itself. Our enclosure is purpose built for your needs and at only 8” deep offers a much more practical solution for your business operations; especially when it comes to simplicity and installation time and labor costs.

Scalable and Customizable

Our enclosures offer a cost effective alternative to the expensive and labor intensive build time required for a standard Network Rack installation with the added industrial strength reliability outperforming SOHO alternatives. Our standard enclosure leaves adequate space for expansion and/or the ability to take advantage of future IOT technologies. Our enclosure is both wall mountable for new installations or can be added to an existing network rack during a network re-build or as an alternative to more expensive rack size equipment.

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